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National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien

The new National Security Advisor, appointed yesterday by President Trump, is a native of Santa Rosa, and graduated from Cardinal Newman high school in 1984. Robert O'Brien will now be the point person on national security, as the U-S faces rising tensions with Iran and Afghanistan. He replaces John Bolton. (photo courtesy Wall Street Journal)

Inmate Gun Scuffle

A Sonoma County jail inmate allegedly tried to grab a sheriff's deputy's gun in a courtroom. Sean Seeman was in court for the beginning of a trial for multiple felony offenses, and his wrists were handcuffed at his sides when he allegedly reached for the deputy's gun. The deputy took Seeman to the ground to control him. Seeman was arrested and booked on suspicion of attempting to remove a peace officer's service weapon, battery against a peace officer, obstructing a peace officer and resisting using force or fear. (photo courtesy Sonoma County)

SMART Funding

SMART train may be getting the needed funding to continue operating for the next 30 years. A recent poll from the North Bay Leadership Council shows nearly 70% of Sonoma and Marin County voters support extending a quarter cent sales tax designated to help the North Bay's commuter rail system. (photo courtesy SMART)

Safe Fuel Containers

The Portable Fuel Container Safety Act passed the House yesterday, and is on the way to the Senate. Congressman Mike Thompson lead the charge to create a standard for Flame Mitigation Devices that help prevent fire accidents. Under current standards, flammable or combustible liquids can ignite within their containers causing more than 160,000 fires, injuring nearly 4,000 people, and killing hundreds each year. (photo courtesy Auto Expert by John Cadogan)

Climate Emergency

Sonoma County is in a climate emergency. Supervisors released a three page declaration which put climate change on the top of the list of priorities, and directs county staff to reevaluate existing policies. The resolution was developed by the County's Regional Climate Protection Authority, formed in 2009 to represent local governments and coordinate climate advocacy, project management, planning, grant administration and research. (photo courtesy Center for Climate Protection)

PG&E Tubbs Fire Trial

18 victims of the Tubbs Fire will be able to take their case to court against PG&E, and the damage that the group of plaintiffs say were caused by PG&E's equipment. Yesterday a federal judge allowed the trial to take place in January, 2020, in San Francisco Superior Court. (photo courtesy Westman Journal)

Homeless vouchers

Governor Newsom asked President Trump to approve more housing vouchers as Trump's administration weighs in on California's massive homelessness problem. The Governor's letter asks Trump to provide 50,000 more housing vouchers through two existing programs and to increase the value of the vouchers to account for high rents. (photo courtesy psypost.org)

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